Sunday, September 1, 2013

Too tired....

Sometimes, you're too tired to go on....or maybe you're just a narcoleptic dog. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"They've Got Each Other"

“They’ve Got Each Other”


Last night was the Pigskin Preview at RSS Sterling High school. Basically, it’s where the football team and other extracurricular activities come out, get introduced and show their stuff. This was the new Swing Choir’s first performance.

This is Kirsten’s second year in Swing Choir and I know it’s going to be a fabulously fun year. Her first year was fun, but she was in with a lot of Seniors that she got to know well but wasn’t close to til she became a Swing Choir member. This year, her best friend Valerie Smith is in with her, along with her good friend Austin Putt, that she’s known since they were about three, her boyfriend and several others she’s really close to. (God help the choir teachers) They are already a close knit group and I know that’s just going to make it more fun for them.

I was a little nervous for them last night because it was the first performance as a group… and you know, first performances; the second day of school could be iffy. BUT, they rocked it. Star Spangled Banner… Awesome. Then they did Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi… was really great! (Except during Kirsten’s solo her mic repeatedly went out) Technical difficulties… she handled it well. I probably would have banged the mic on the floor a few times… but thank goodness she doesn’t always take after me!

I can’t wait to see what the year holds for them. It’ll be the highlight of their Senior Year when they look back. “They’ve got each other… and that’s a lot.” (I couldn’t resist the Livin’ on a Prayer reference people… I’m cheesy like that) This is going to be a fun year!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Everyone's Ok... except maybe Betsy.

Everyone’s Ok.


I get a call around 6:15 from my daughter. I know the call is from my daughter b/c her ringtone is that of Stewie from the Family Guy… Mom, Mommy, Ma, Mama, Mom… so I pick up the phone figuring she is going to ask me if she can stay later at Harrison’s. I’m unthrilled and ready for a conversation I’d probably rather not have. Instead, I hear high pitched screaming I cannot understand. I think it might be a humpback whale… but how would it have my number???

Seriously, I go into that uber, freaked out mommy mode where you think your child is possibly hurt or dying. “I can’t understand you”, I scream over the shrieking. “Are you ok??? Kirsten, are you ok???” I’m beginning to hear words and sobbing but still can’t understand anything I can decipher as actual language.  I do eventually catch, “I’ve been in an accident” over and over during this… which is not calming me down any. After what seemed like forever, (which I’m sure was no more than about one minute) where I’m frantically putting on shoes and searching for my phone. (Oh ya, I’m on it.) I get that she has hit a tree while backing up out of Harrison’s driveway and she is ok, but the car (Betsy) has a dent in the back. I’m instantly relieved, and my heart is now coming down from 300bpm to at least 295bpm. “Are you hurt anywhere? Do you need me to come get you? Are you able to drive??”

There is a pause, “Yes mom… but there’s a dent in Betsy.”

“It’s ok Kirsten. Come home. Be careful. And by the way… God forbid you ever have any other kind of wreck EVER, the first thing to come out of your mouth should always be…


Everyone’s OK!!!!!!

Thank you Lord for letting my daughter not be hurt. And um, please don’t let this be a sign of how this year is going to go. Gravy.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Last First Day of School- Senior Year

The Last First Day of School


Well, it’s here. The day/year I have been dreading and anticipating for the last 17 years. I can’t believe it’s here. I knew it was coming… I’ve even tried to prepare for it, tried to prepare her for it. (Dang it if kids want to do things their way!)

We wanted four children… but you don’t always get what you want. Kirsten is our only child… and our world has happily revolved around that child since the moment we found out we were having her. I am now counting down, sadly, the last days she will be a “child” in our home.

It feels so sudden, and yet I have thought about this year since her first day of pre-school. What would she be like as a teenager? Who would she grow up to be?

I literally am so proud of her I could burst. She’s smart, funny, a little sassy, beautiful and is on her way to a brighter future than I could have imagined. It’s just as a mom, I’m also a little scared and sad too. (I feel bipolar!!)

Today, I find myself weepy. (For those of you who know me well, you know I’m not a crier.) I even had the “ugly cry” during the movie Hope Floats last night, which I have only watched a dozen times!!! Kirsten and Mark are in for a wonderful year! Lol This is the last first day of school. I remember her first day of school like it was yesterday. She had that sweet baby face, and long blonde baby fine hair and she didn’t want to let go of my hand. I remember I had to almost pry her little fingers off of mine. She didn’t cry… but I did. Today… will be a little different. She probably will have to pry my fingers off hers… but I’ll probably still cry. (Some things don’t change)

I am going to blog this year. (I keep saying this mantra over and over) I am going to keep up with it. She’ll have it when she’s older, and I’ll have it now. We (Kirsten and I) are both going through the ending of something and the beginning of something new. She’s going to savor the last few “real” moments of childhood before she goes off to begin her “real” life adventure. I am going to savor the last few moments of her childhood as well, and try to figure out what the next adventure for me will be. The last 17 years, my job has been to raise our daughter. What is next? I don’t know. Hopefully this year I can start to figure it out. (It’s scary)

Now, all that’s left for me to do… is pray for her… and get the heck out of her way.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

End of the Year Blog- 2011 -

2011 was like riding a wave of uncertainty all year. I was happy, I was sad, I was happy, I was sad, it was good, it was bad... I hate stuff like that... although it's better than the alternative, which is all bad/sad... no good/glad! lol. I guess most years are both but for some reason this year felt WEIRDLY out of sync that way for me. I didn't blog a whole lot. But I'm definitely going to do that more this next year... I like it. It's kind of like having a diary for myself and my family... plus I have always been better at writing what I feel rather than saying it. AND I have found this totally NEAT-O site called and there is ALL kinds of things to try. Perfect excuse to try stuff so I have something to blog about!!!

So... Not so Good Stuff: I'll start out with this so we can end on a high note.

Mom had a series of mini-strokes and some other health issues that scared me badly and made me realize how fragile life is.

I had some health issues that I wasn't too "jazzed" about... of course, who is "jazzed" when they have health issues.

Sophie, my small and youngest weiner dog hurt her back very badly. She was paralyzed and she didn't make it. (Am I bumming you out yet... b/c I'm starting to bum myself out) DANG. Almost done with the bad... I promise.

Pat and I decided to close the store front of our store. We haven't decided yet if we are going to continue selling online or making kits, or having crops and classes... in fact we are getting together tomorrow to talk about it. It was a hard decision made harder by the fact that we loved the people and the scrapbook business. The last two years were two of the greatest and hardest I've had... hard work... awesome people and enviroment.

So... Good Stuff...

Kirsten turned 15 this year, which was a good thing. She shines brightly for us... as I'm sure everyone's child does for them. Highlights for Kirsten... she sang a solo AND a duet at pop show last year and we thought she was "da Bomb" She finished the school year in the top 5% of her class... showing that maybe we were right when we thought she was a genius because she could tell you her colors at age 3! (LOL... really what it shows is that she doesn't take after either Mark or myself!) This summer she went to Sky Ranch for the third summer and LOVED it. She is on the Praise Team at First Baptist Church, which is like a Christian band... and she has so much fun doing that. She made Region this year and sounded wonderful... fed a giraffe, ate a ton of nutella and wheat thins, and has some sort of weird love for all things Spiderman.

Mark got a nice promotion at work this year and will start days soon! YEA! He still loves to ride his bike, pound on the drums (I'm not sure if I should put this in the bad or good pile) lol and play his bass. Plus, I still pretty much think he's "da Bomb" (which is a good thing after 16 years)

My mom's slowly recovering and getting most of her memory back. YEA!!! My health scare didn't turn out to be as serious as we thought!!! YEA!

About 6 months after Sophie died we adopted a little (half weiner dog) from the HSPCA... her name is Abby... or Lulu... Or Dingo. Everyone calls her something different... it's no wonder she's not to bright... but she is oh so sweet!

I got to go on TWO scrapbook retreats this year, which has to be some of the best time I've ever spent on myself. I have some AWESOME friends that I'll cherish forever and that I don't see as much as I'd like, BUT I do get to spend some weekends with them when we do retreats!

We had a wonderful time with the Bryants dying Easter eggs and having Easter dinner! I joined a sorority and have had a great time getting to know my "sistas", I went all out this year and went as a house for Halloween. (The house from UP) Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family I don't see as much as I wish I did and an AWESOME Christmas. This Christmas was particularly good, with great family and a totally relaxing holiday. I can't say I'm not ready to see 2011 go... b/c I'm very excited for 2012!!

Happy New Years Everyone... I will write soon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Freshman Year

Kirsten's Freshman year has come and gone. How is it possible that I have a child in high school???? Or that the child in question just FINISHED her first year???

This was the first year of high school. I had prepared myself. This is when all the bad things could start to happen. Be prepared. Don't freak out. Pray Pray Pray. Talk to her. Try not to let the little things bother you. Be strict, but not too strict. Believe in what she says, but don't be a fool. Get her involved. Be involved. Don't be too involved. Be there for her. Don't smother her. Gravy, I needed anti-anxiety pills before school even started!!!!

She floored me. That shy sweet child that would make me walk her into elementary school every year showed no signs of inner struggle when walking into the doors of the high school. She was EXCITED. ( I mean, I'm sure she was nervous... but for some reason she didn't want me to walk her to her first class! =P) Kirsten's biggest complaint about High School.... she doesn't like the food... and she refuses to take her lunch. (I'm not sure if it's an uncool factor or that she just hates to bring something extra to school each day) Nonetheless... I figured it went under the category of... Not MY problem. And let's face it, at the end of the day if that's your biggest issue you're doing alright for yourself. I watched... holding my breath all year to see how she would handle all the firsts AND if she would be able to solve any problems for herself. I finally am exhaling (until school starts next year) she made me so proud I couldn't stand it. She danced in Stars, Sang in Choir, performed services in the Key Club, was in the Christian Student Union and above all else... made Straight A's all year. I couldn't believe this self assured, dependable young lady was mine. (Where did she get it???? ) lol

I have to brag on this child. I know next year, she could stumble or fall. I know that in a teens world things change on a day to day basis. But, I'm relishing in this year alone. This year was great. This year me realize how grown up my little girl was becoming... and although it's sad to see that she doesn't need her mommy to help her make all her decisions, it amazed me to see that we could talk about things, and she could make her own decisions (that for now) were awesome!

(By the way... I know that after writing this very inspiring description of my child that she will now dye her hair blue, get a nose ring and fail the 10th grade. ) Hey... but 9th grade was Awesome Ya'll!!!

Now, here's hoping for an awesome summer!!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trying something New

So many people's blogs I follow do this weekly menu blog. I'm not sure why they started but I know why I'm going to TRY it. We've been doing so much better on our war against eating out! lol But, our one downfall is that we don't plan well. So, there are days that if I didn't have anything set out, we end up having to eat out b/c the meat is still frozen. So, doing the weekly menu blog ensures that I have made a plan and that I have thought about it and hopefully will implement it into action. We'll see.

Sooooo, here goes my first weekly menu blog:

Monday- Dinner and game night with the Bryants.

Tuesday- Grilled pork chops, stuffing, and green beans

Wednesday- Chkn breast stuffed with broc and cheese, candied carrots and rice

Thursday- BBQ Chicken, corn on the cob, and roasted potatoes
ADDED BONUS**** Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown will be watched!!!!

Friday- Game Night. We will eat out and then go watch the football game! YEA!

Saturday- Ham, sweet potatoes, and mixed veggies.

Hopefully, this will stick. I'm trying to take the going out to eat thing down to only one night a week... and right now with Friday Night Football games, it's definitely going to be Friday. Although I'm dying for a little PF Changs.

Happy Menu Planning!